Recruitment April 2020: ESL Teacher (Primary School)

Ngày đăng 14/04/2020
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  • Is an experienced professional who has a Bachelor’s degree, appropriate credential, 3+ years of teaching experience, who feels a deep passion and responsibility for helping to change education in their lifetime for the purpose of changing the world
  • Understands that each student is different, hence develops differentiated learning plans and experiences and can track that learning journey for each student.
  • Loves to facilitate learning and build skills through a variety of ways, including hands on, real-life learning.
  • Lives a sustainable lifestyle, loves to be connected with nature, composting, living outdoors and getting dirty.
  • Has started and/or supported causes to better the world.


  • Minimum of 3 years of post-qualification teaching (or work in the specific area of the role applied for). Experience with an internationally used and recognised curriculum preferred.
  • Must have a high level of English proficiency, though native fluency is not required. (If not a native speaker of English, then presentation of IELTS and TOEFL examination scores in the application process is helpful.)
  • Prior expatriate teaching or working experience preferred with evidence of cultural integration, competency, and language acquisition.
  • Should have experience and skills in using and explaining holistic or other non-traditional curriculum models and how that relates to curriculum development, overall class planning and an individual child’s’ development in that context across the learning experiences.


Successful candidates will show a high level of competency in the following areas:

  • Resilience and emotional intelligence.
  • Show evidence of exemplary strategies and techniques that meet the needs of individual students, groups, and/or classes/groups of students in a highly responsive and inclusive manner.
  • Have strong, creative and optimistic ideas and implementation strategies for Behavior Management.
  • Participate in curriculum development and/or programme teamwork
  • Establish partnerships with students, colleagues, parents, as well as facilitate teamwork within the school community to support student learning.
  • Show an optimistic attitude toward parent engagement and interaction.


Must be open minded to work in a culturally diverse environment


  • Practice and help invent progressive education with a purpose, while enjoying the freedom and independence to engage in new learning methods, projects and experiment with your ideas.
  • Up your game through a formal professional development Programme focusing on Education for Sustainability.
  • Earn an appropriate salary


  • Please send your CV to
  • Email subject: (Genesis2020) Position – Your full name
  • For more information please contact: 039 779 7967 (Ms. Hien)

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