Genesis officially has become a Cambridge school (Cambridge international school)

Ngày đăng 15/12/2023
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On the 14th of December 2023, Genesis was officially made part of Cambridge, a pinnacle in global academic organizations. This is not only an important step forward academically but also a testament to Genesis Education System’s commitment to quality, innovation and creativity within our educational framework.
Cambridge programs and curriculum are currently taught in more than 10,000 schools across 160 countries, acknowledged by most of the world’s leading universities. To attain recognition as a Cambridge International School, Genesis has passed the organization’s strict requirements with standards for infrastructure, resources, teaching faculty, management, and operational procedures, based on the school’s vision, mission and core values.
Modern, environmentally friendly facilities
Genesis Hanoi School is built according to Lotus green standards of the Vietnam Green Building Association, located in the H2-2 sector of Me Tri urban area, Nam Từ Liêm, Hanoi with a total construction area of 12,600m2. The project’s design is also ranked first in the “Low Carbon Building and Sustainable City ” category in Vietnam in 2021, announced by the French Ecological Transition Agency. Classrooms and function rooms at Genesis have spacious, specialized designs and prioritize the maximum use of natural light. Modern tools and equipment foster an environment where students can explore, create, and experience diverse learning within dynamic spaces.
Awesome Teachers
Genesis is proud to be a school built and developed by innovative and enthusiastic educators – these teachers are eager to deliver 21st century education and integration for all generations of students. Combined with the companionship of Cambridge in personnel training, Genesis has received contributions of knowledge, methods and experience from educational experts from many cultures.
Quality training program
Genesis develops a specific educational program that combines the framework program of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and the Cambridge International English Program, Green Project and specifically designed subjects. The curriculum framework at Genesis school is designed based on 3 main pillars: Academic, General Competency & Interdisciplinary Teaching, focusing on developing learner capacity, emphasizing student-centered, helping them have self-study skills, thinking skills, and problem solving skills.
Personal development activities
Genesis encourages students to actively participate in the learning process and take full control of their learning with a personalized learning environment. Simultaneously, Genees receive personalized attention in developing their individual learning paths, creating conditions to participate in competitive exams with the goal of preparing for the future.
✨ By officially becoming a member of Cambridge, Genees have the best preparation to become global citizens in their future learning journey.