Message from Board of Directors

Dear Parents,

15 years ago, when I first set foot abroad to study, what made me extremely excited was that besides studying, I had the opportunity to observe and participate in the surrounding life of local people naturally.

Every day on the bus number 16 to school, I often looked attentively at the streets lined on both sides of the road with the city’s huge rows of inter-schools – public and private. The schools, whether with ancient or modern architecture, were large and covered with a green color of nature. Memories and dreams of a dream school when I was a student kept appearing in my mind every time I looked at the students going to school with such enthusiasm and confidence.

The desire to build an international standard school for Vietnamese students, in my own hometown, always motivates me to constantly learn about different educational environments. It was that passion that motivated me to cross my career path in 2014 to embark on the Education Journey, carrying out the mission of “Nurturing a Green Future” with determination to make dreams come true.

Genesis School was built with a belief in the values of the natural being, to uphold humane values in nurturing and training future generations with the support of Capital House Group in the journey of Creating A Green Life.

In such an ever changing and developing life, we talk about love and how to nurture our love, but nurturing and teaching children to love sincerely is not easy. Over the past few years, teachers at Genesis School have put their full faith in the Green Genesis Education Philosophy, believing that nurturing and educating children to recognize nature, to respect and protect the green planet, to build surrounding community with humane values is to help children become aware of self-care when living in their natural and social environment.

Children will gradually form the habits of living in harmony, living responsibly and exploring confidently the magical world around them through their awareness and concern for the environment as well as the sympathy and sharing with the community.

The curriculum at Genesis School is built on the principle of “student-centered”, learning process and outcomes are assessed on the ability of each individual. They develop the ability to think positively and enrich their knowledge so that they can have good results in their lifelong learning journey. Genesis School ensures that the Students and the School community have a safe, friendly, and respectful learning environment. Together with Students, Parents, School staff and partners, Genesis School strives to build and spread a Green lifestyle, respecting and protecting the environment for sustainable development every day.

Providing Students with a genuine education is the most valuable opportunity that our team wishes to do with all our heart for future generations. There is still a lot of work to be done to make today’s desires, plans and missions a reality. The road ahead will be full of challenges, but together with the Parents who put their trust here, we believe that this will be an interesting, happy and worthy journey.

Đỗ Thuỳ Chi
Founder & Chairwoman of Genesis School.