Day-boarding service

The school’s day-boarding services are organized to serve students, including daily lunch and naptime.

Boarding service: Students’ menus are built based on a menu bank of age-appropriate nutritious dishes focusing on such topics as food choices, nutrition, and nutrition. body development…

The school has a proper kitchen and operating procedures, ensuring that students’ food is always delicious, nutritious, safe, and hygienic. A special Genesis school meal is supplemented with fresh milk to provide calcium and nutrients to help children grow in height.

Raw ingredients supplied by large and reputable food suppliers, processed and handled according to standardized processes, without the use of preservatives. This ensures food and drink safety according to current regulations, providing students with nutritious, healthy, and safe meals.

Waste from the kitchen is reused, plastic bottles will be dried, washed, recycled, and stored in the raw material warehouse. The school is also equipped with a high-tech waste treatment machine equipped to process organic waste into compost for agriculture has been installed at the school since October 2019.


Nap time: Students are provided with individual mattresses for nap time. Parents need to equip students with extra pillows and blankets (depending on weather) for students to sleep in.

All classrooms are equipped with two-way air conditioning. The temperature in the room is seasonally adjusted. Classrooms’ windows and doors are regularly opened to ensure air circulation.