The School’s Nurses’ office is located on the 1st floor of the Main Building. In this room, there are school staff in charge of medical procedures including:

First aid

First aid is the preliminary intervention of first responders to help people who are injured or ill.

Periodic health examination

Every year, the school will organize periodical health check-ups for students in order to detect common diseases early such as myopia, scoliosis, cardiovascular disease, tuberculosis, goiter and other family diseases. The school cooperates with reliable medical institutions in Hanoi to organize these check-ups.

Health Insurance

The school organizes the registration of compulsory Health Insurance for students according to regulations. In case parents have already purchased insurance for the student, please provide a copy of the insurance card to inform the school.


If a student uses the school bus service, parents may send the medication, prescription prescribed by the doctor, the request form to the bus supervisor to return to the school health staff or send prescriptions/request form through the Little Family Room app to the school health staff.