Genesis Education System is an international quality system for education from Kindergarten to Secondary school, which is sustainably funded by Capital House Group.

  • IPC member – Fieldwork Education, England. 
  • The first school in Vietnam to achieve the Lotus gold standard
  • The first Green School in Vietnam to become a member of the Center for Green Schools (CGS) – The Global Community of Sustainable Green Schools.
  •  Candidate to become a Cambridge school

Genesis Education System currently has 2 campuses:

  • Genesis School Tây Hồ Campus: Genesis Kindergarten and Genesis Primary School
  • Genesis School Nam Từ Liên Campus: Genesis Primary, Lower and Upper Secondary Schools

The story of Genesis

Genesis was founded with the mission of nurturing generations of students with all necessary learning skills, with compassion, humane attitudes, and a sense of responsibility not only towards people but also towards the natural world and sustainable development of society. The educational foundation at Genesis school is to effectively integrate the framework program of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam with the best program of international education with advanced educational methods.

Educational philosophy

Green Genesis

Upholding the original values of nature and being to create young generations who are responsible for themselves, eager to explore and learn about the world, living humanely lives, and have love and respect for the Green planet.


Genesis education is a system of Green schools.

Genesis is a leading trusted education system in Vietnam who upholds the values of Green living, a convergence point of intellectual, happy, passionate students and teachers.


Nurturing a green future

Genesis School educates students to become global citizens, to develop social awareness, civic responsibility, and personal growth in order to overcome current and future challenges. We build the Genesis community to become a model of spreading Green lifestyle, actively contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam and the world.

Core values

5 core values

1.  Empathy

Genesis School encourages the experience of feelings, thoughts, and expressions of attitudes in a loving and humane way that goes beyond the individual ego – At Genesis School, students are loved and learn to love others.

2. Respect

Students will develop a sense of personal worth, talent, dignity, self-respect and respect for others.

3.  Responsibility

Students will learn to take responsibility for their own actions – learn to be reasonable, rational, and able to control their own actions; and learn to be responsible to the community and society.

4. Collaboration

Students, teachers, and all members of the Genesis community strive to be humane, interact positively and constructively, and collaborate to generate positive outcomes for each individual and for the whole community.

5. Creativity

Genesis is committed to building a curriculum and creating a learning environment that is innovative and inspiring for students to confidently express themselves and stimulate creative thinking abilities in each individual.


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