[Preeschool] Memory of Winter Festival Music Concert at Genesis

Ngày đăng 22/12/2023
Biên tập Biên tập:
Genee enjoyed a day filled with joy and lasting impressions at the Winter Festival Music Concert. Let look back at the memorable moments and the fantastic contributions brought by the Genee:
Through the musical play “The Ugly Duckling”, Genee not only demonstrated their acting prowess but also became conveyors of the message of diversity and individual worth. The tale of The Ugly Duckling immersed every audience member in enchanting moments, leaving a deep impression of pride and confidence.
The Winter Festival Music Concert is more than just an artistic event; it’s an opportunity for the Genee to cultivate confidence and exhibit professionalism on the stage. Genesis is proud to foster an engaging and motivating learning environment where every student can develop holistically and shine in their own distinctive way.
Beyond the performances and Santa Claus’s visit, these elements not only crafted a festive atmosphere but also seamlessly connected the Genesis community into one large family. Together, we shared joy and love, creating unforgettable memories for every member of the school.