Secondary Education Program

Genesis builds and develops an unique curriculum that combines the framework curriculum of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and the Cambridge International Curriculum, Green Projects & tailor-made subjects. The curricula being taught at Genesis are designed based on 3 main principles: Academic proficiency, General competency & Cross-curricular learning, which allow them to be focused on developing learners’ competencies, be learner-centered, allowing learners to develop self-studying, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.


  • 2 Curricula: Bilingual Stream and Integrated Stream

    Duration for learning in English in Bilingual Stream: minimum 50% total learning time

  • Academic English Curriculum
  • Strong academic foundation
  • Intensive career orientation
  • Green Education




Genesis School applies modern learning methods that focus on experience and creativity, contributing to the formation of students’ multidimensional thinking, problem solving skill and autonomy in learning:



Grade 6,7,8

In the Bilingual Stream, students use English for a minimum of 50% of learning time, depending on the grade level of Upper and Lower Secondary School.

Students study under the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum in grade 6, 7, 8 with subjects like ESL Proficiency, Maths, Science and Global Perspectives.

Grade 9, 10

In grades 9 and 10, students study the IGCSE program. IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a Cambridge International Secondary School program for students aged 14-16 (equivalent to grades 9-10 in Vietnam).

Students have 2 compulsory subjects (English and Mathematics) and 3 elective subjects which are divided into 2 groups: Group 1 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology; Group 2 with Global Perspectives, Business Studies and Travel & Tourism.

Grade 11, 12

In grade 11 and grade 12, students will choose 3-4 AS/A Level subjects. The A Level Curriculum creates a solid foundation for students in applying for prestigious universities in the world and in Vietnam, as well as choosing a career for the future.

In the A Level Curriculum, students can choose from a group of subjects that are oriented to their future profession. Students’ early access to these subjects helps them determine if the chosen field of study is right for them and whether they need adjustment or change.

The A Level program in Genesis School offers a wide range of subject groups for students to choose from. Each major of each university will have different requirements. The creation of multiple subject groups will help students choose a group of A Level subjects based on the requirements of the industry that students study in the future.

List of tentative A Level subjects in the first school year:

Grade 6,7,8

Intensive Career Orientation program

Genesis focuses on intensive career orientation for students with different priority in each stage

  • Lower Secondary school: Discovery, research, and plan for the future
  • Upper Secondary school: Practice, experience career through MicroDegree program; Internship; and Academic consultancy

At the Lower Secondary level, Genesis students learn, interact and discover facts about career groups through learning projects, experiential activities, and events with experts.

Genesis students in Upper Secondary school are to be intensively career-oriented through programs:


Genesis school is proud to be a school built and developed by innovative and enthusiastic educators; teachers who aspire to bring quality and integrated education programs to students of all ages. Genesis school has received knowledge, methods and experience from educational experts from many cultures.