Discovering the wonder of science: How does Genee engage in scientific exploration in grade R class

Ngày đăng 14/12/2023
Biên tập Biên tập:
Have you ever wondered about creating a rainbow in a bottle, despite knowing the reason for rainbows appearing in the sky after rain? It’s an unusual yet intriguing experiment, full of interesting knowledge. Let’s join the Grade R in smoothly practicing this experiment!
Before diving into the lesson, the teacher introduces and gracefully demonstrates to Genee. With just simple ingredients like salt, water, and food coloring, a petite rainbow magically materializes within the test tube.
Each Genee took turns creating their own rainbow by adding salt to water, altering the density. They poured the mixtures into a glass container, starting with the saltiest and ending with the salt-free cup. The teacher shared the secret that stirring salt into water in different proportions creates varying densities, preventing them from blending.
Through today’s engaging experiment, Genees have not only discovered the magic of creating a rainbow in a bottle but have also expanded their scientific knowledge. Parents, let’s see the outcomes of these little explorers in our Science Discovery session!