Recruitment July 2020: ESL Instructor

Ngày đăng 30/06/2020
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  • Support the ideals and policies of the school and implement the school’s philosophy and objectives.
  • Assume responsibility for the education of the students in class.
  • Develop the content of courses in relation to the school’s philosophy, objectives and appropriately recognized programs.
  • Assist in ensuring the safety of all children in the school and intervene if conflict should arise between any students.


  • ESL instructor creates lesson plans to teach our Vietnamese students (and other non-native English Students) to read, write and speak English. S/he helps students learn English grammar, pronunciation and conversational skills. S/he also prepares classroom and community activities in addition to arranging field trips, which allow students to learn English in real life contexts.
  • ESL instructor of Genesis – An IPC School from Academic Year 2020.21 will also be in charge of building the link of IPC topics selected for each year and create lesson plans for conducting these topics for age groups of students. This area of work will be discussed and finalized with the Head of International Education Program and IPC Project Academic Leader, and integrate with local academic team according to IPC Implementation Timeline which approved by the Board from time to time.


I. Managing Tasks

  • Assure uniformity in assessment, parent reporting, and academic standards by building, guiding, the standard, the assessment form and the reporting forms; reviewing and revaluation performance of teacher.
  • Plan, prepare, coordinator for international activities of School related ESL education.
  • Make recommendations to administration regarding problems or concerns relating to curriculum;
  • Establish and maintain curriculum resource for faculty, recommending workshops, speakers, programs, school observations, etc.

II. Curriculum – Syllabus & Lesson Plan

  • Come up with a curriculum, develop a syllabus that will assure students cover English from an overall facet;
  • Develop lesson plans based on the aims of curricula, select the appropriate lesson content and activities to the needs of each student in classes, in relation to the school’s philosophy and objectives.
  • Create individualized plans for students with special requirements

III. Teaching related tasks

  • Teach classes assigned by the School Authority (Principal and/or authorized personnel) and promote the welfare and safety of students;
  • Prepare classroom and course materials properly;
  • Create a supportive and positive classroom environment
  • Prepare, facilitate, and continuously improve ESL lessons for assigned grades integrating Green/IPC Topics;
  • Assign work at home, tests and exams;
  • Resolve crises in classroom
  • Teach ESL classes for staff members after school hours.
  • Build, Implement and Maintain records of work covered by classes.
  • Be aware that the appraisal documents encompass what is expected of teachers in relation to their teaching practices.

IV. Students & Parents Collaborative tasks

  • Grade students’ assessments
  • Correct regularly and promptly all assignments completed by students.
  • Keep accurate, complete records of each student’s progress.
  • Maintain records of student attendance and grades
  • Keep informed, by way of personal files, of all factors relevant to each student.
  • Inform parents of students’ progress by ways of report cards, diaries and, where necessary, letters or individual meetings.
  • Be available for all parent-teacher meetings, events.

V. Administrative tasks to report to the Principal and/or with other relevant departments.

  • Attend all relevant meetings, including planning meetings.
  • Submit to & get approval from the School Principal copies of all letters being sent to parents.
  • Be familiar with new developments and methods in the teaching field.
  • Ensure appropriate behaviour of students in class and around the school.
  • Keep the administration and coordinators informed about student absence, lateness or discipline problems.
  • Maintain inventories of all textbooks and materials issued to students and to ensure the return of these.
  • Support translation of documents and/or at the school’s events (once needed).
  • Undertake other tasks as and when assigned by the immediate supervisor, Principal and/or Management


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience equivalent position


  • Competitive salary, annual KPI bonus
  • Short-term and Long-term training courses to develop your skills
  • Free uniform, lunch
  • Special incentives for children while attending school, incentives for purchasing products and services of Capital House Group.
  • Vacation, teambuilding
  • Friendly and humane working environment
  • Other benefits according to the Company’s regulations


  • Please send your CV to
  • Email subject: (Genesis2020) Position – Your full name
  • For more information please contact: 039 779 7967 (Ms. Hien)

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