The school that cultivates green knowledge in the heart of Hanoi

Ngày đăng 01/04/2023
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Genesis School – not just a slogan or an initial investment in green facilities, Genesis is a pioneer school in applying experiential learning associated with green life that many parents love.

Genesis School – from a green appearance…

Genesis School is a kindergarten and primary school located in the middle of the new Nguyễn Văn Huyên street leading to West of West Lake urban area, Hanoi. The school has a total area of 6,160 m2, but only 2,161 m2 of land is used to build the school, the rest is reserved for fruit orchards, hydroponic gardens, outdoor playgrounds… The school’s construction density is very low, only approximately 38% – as an affirmation of the emphasis on green living philosophy beyond mere commercial value.


The school has a unique design, inspired by nature, with materials such as stones, leaves and water. The shape of the school emulates a pebble to convey the idea of a natural, rustic but soft, flexible arrangement, ensuring 100% open vision filled with natural light.


Construction materials and equipment were selected and utilized following safety and environmental criteria, saving 46.7% of water, 51% of energy used, and reducing the total heat transfer index of the industrial shell for 56%.

The school is filled with natural light and natural ventilation to create harmony. This is likely to impress anyone entering into Genesis School. Therefore, students studying here always feel comfortable because of the friendliness of the design derived from respect for the natural way of being that the school is aiming for.


… to a Green learning experience

Not only stopping at facilities with the goal of education for sustainable development, Genesis School has become a pioneer in Green education in Vietnam. At Genesis School, Green Education is included in all activities: operation, curriculum and development path throughout, helping to nurture children’s interest and love for nature; equipping children with knowledge, skills and determination for an environmentally friendly life. And most importantly, create a Green living environment where children can develop naturally and cultivate sustainable living values.


To do that, Genesis aims to equip children with comprehensive knowledge, skills and qualities through an education program that is a creative combination between the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training, and the IPC international primary curriculum and the school’s inhouse Green Project subject.

The highlight that makes a difference in the educational program of Genesis School is the Green Project subject that is developed and applied to students from grade 1 to grade 5.


Chooses to pose environmental issues in a way that is close to students, to their surrounding lives such as recycling waste, saving energy in electricity, water, or food products, .. The content is integrated with the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations according to the interdisciplinary teaching method so that knowledge can be “absorbed” in the most natural way.

In terms of skills, the Green Project subject maximizes the effectiveness of the project-based teaching method, helping students form and develop skills in research, information search, presentation, design thinking, Critical thinking, teamwork skills, etc. In particular, teachers pay great attention to building a green project learning culture in a more “mature” direction. For example, from speeches, thoughts, or through video lessons, all contribute to eliciting empathy about life in many different aspects. In addition, the subject encourages students to use English, contributing to creating an environment for students to practice this second language.

Besides the Green Project, content related to sustainable education is integrated in many lessons and skill sets are built for each level, from simple to complex for students to get used to.


In order to ensure quality outcomes for students to confidently study in higher grades, Genesis School builds an international quality education program, equipping students with knowledge, language and skills to make them confident, to become a global citizen, such as ESL English, Cambridge secondary school program, etc. In addition, the standard curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training is also combined with teaching, to ensure flexibility, suitable for future educational decisions of students and parents.


Mr. Phan Anh, Director of the Genesis Education System, said that it is necessary to understand Green as a broader concept, not just limited to issues of environmental protection: “Education today must help people develop their intelligence, personality, and determination in a balanced way, so that people can live in a civilized world with modern technology, vast amounts of wealth but not lose themselves and instead constantly develop the above core values to be able to find true happiness.”

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