Genesis School cooperates with many prestigious international educational institutions

Ngày đăng 31/03/2023
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With the goal of educating students to become future global citizens, Genesis School focuses on promoting international partnerships.

Currently, Genesis School is proud to be partnered with prestigious educational institutions such as:

  • IPC member – Fieldwork Education, UK

As an IPC member, Genesis School has the opportunity to adjust the curriculum in a more practical way, flexibly applying it to the ability and needs of Vietnamese students; Integrating IPC with the national curriculum, ensuring that training requirements are met in an innovative and engaging way. Genesis students and teachers become part of a worldwide community of schools, educators, and students with access to a rich and diverse online information sharing network.

IPC is the International Primary Curriculum for children aged 5-11, designed by Fieldwork Education UK. The program is currently used in more than 1000 schools in 90 countries. It is an innovative general theme-based curriculum with a clear learning curve and specific learning objectives for each subject.

The program also supports the development of a global mindset and encourages self-study.

  • Cambridge Candidate School

The Cambridge candidate school. Genesis School is a certified English language training institute under the copyrighted education program of Cambridge English. Accordingly, English proficiency by grade level of Genesis School students is expected as follows:

  • Primary school: Level B1 (Integrated Stream) and A2+ (Bilingual Stream)
  • Lower Secondary school: Level B2 (Integrated Stream) and B2+ (Bilingual Stream)
  • Upper Secondary School: IELTS 7.0 Certificate (Integrated Stream) and IELTS Certificate 7.5+ (Bilingual Stream)

As the official pre-exam center of Cambridge English, Genesis School is committed to ensuring s100% of teachers having Cambridge English training certificates as well as a clear educational path, throughout from primary school to the end of Upper Secondary school.

  • Genesis is the first Green school in Vietnam to become a member of the Center for Green School (CGS) – A global community of sustainable green schools

As a member of the Center for Green Schools, Genesis has the opportunity to join a global network of organizations, communities, and schools with green and sustainable development goals. As well as, accessing and using valuable resources on building a green environment for the next generation, supporting the completion and upgrading of the green education program at Genesis. On the other hand, Genesis School teachers and students also have the opportunity to attend programs and seminars in the Green School system around the world, share teaching and learning experiences as well as participating in contests.

CGS was founded in 2010 by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) with the goal of building a sustainable educational environment, caring for health and creating the best preparation for children of the 21st century. Vietnam is one of 32 countries with member schools in this organization.

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