[Grade 4] Showcase Project Number 1 on Infrastructure and change

Ngày đăng 12/04/2023
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The last week of September was full of excitement for 4A1 students when we were able to show off our knowledge and the learning products we have made for the Green Project. Project number 1, on infrastructure and change, was not only about an understanding of service systems that serve people’s lives, but also an effort to complete the tasks the teacher had assigned, to reflect on the plight of people in a poor living environment, and to concentrate when building model.

So that on this day, with parents being present to participate in the Showcase, we were able to confidently raise our hands and answer the teachers questions about the concepts of “hard” infrastructure. , “soft” infrastructure.


Questions like: “How many types of infrastructure are there?” “What systems are in hard infrastructure?” “What are the services of soft infrastructure?” or benefits questions: “Benefits of the transport system?” “Benefits of a communication system?” “Benefits of types of service (health, education, entertainment, sports, culture) for the people?”. . . Hardly had the questions been asked when hands were raised to give convincing answers in English.

At the end of the question and answer session, we transformed into young engineers to participate in the competition of transporting tomatoes between groups in the class. We presented the task of young engineers having to invent a cable car model to transport tomatoes from above to the foot of the mountain. We mentioned the background and living environment of Nepalese people. This is a competition that shows creativity in problem solving – problems that people in the highlands face when they do not have the support of infrastructure in doing business and living.

Group 1, with the resourcefulness of captain Moc Ly, along with the enthusiasm of the members, assembled a great solution and brought back a considerable amount of tomatoes to the people in the mountains. ^_^

Image of other groups preparing cable car models before participating in the competition. Teamwork skills and team spirit is one of the contents that are integrated and practiced in Green Project lessons.

The competition took place quite fiercely when every team wanted to bring back the most tomatoes for the people ^_^ 

Model of harvesting tomatoes from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain. Behind is all the exercises we have completed during the 2 months of implementing Project Number 1 on infrastructure and change.

At the end of the competition, we held our group’s model in our hands and stated what we needed to improve. When the cable is too long, we need to calculate the distance between the 2 cable car poles. When cables are too fragile, we have to consider the strength needed to transport large volumes of tomatoes. The basket to bring tomatoes down the mountain should also be “lubricated” to float down more easily.

Finally, it’s time for us to receive the Squashed Tomatoes Challenge certification. This is a challenge that many friends from all over the world from different schools also participate in. When completing the challenge, all of us receive a certificate, you can see the joy and pride of the young engineers when holding the certificate in hand ^_^


The whole class with the teacher and parents took a photo to celebrate the end of Project Number 1 – Infrastructure and Change.

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