[Grade 5] Consequences of CO2 emissions in the air and solutions

Ngày đăng 12/04/2023
Biên tập Biên tập:

As people who were born and raised in the city, when talking about a sustainable green city, what do we think of first? A noisy, crowded, polluted city, with only one tall tree along the way. At rush hour, during traffic jams, we see how this crowded city and this toxic air pollution harms human health every day. Because of frequent traffic jams, it becomes the first thing that comes to mind when talking about sustainable cities.

The students of class 5A1 draw a diagram showing how people use fuel and thus emit CO2. People’s daily modern lifestyle inevitably leads to the production of CO2 emissions into the environment, because using electricity for daily activities, or using fuel for transportation, especially long-distance travel requires airplanes, which produce significant amounts of CO2.

The consequences of releasing CO2 into the environment not only affect human health, but also the living environment of creatures and animals. The children then discuss ways to reduce CO2 emissions. And as a primary school student, what are practical actions one can take to reduce CO2 emissions? We talked about our own and our family’s normal daily activities, such as the need to limit the use of motorbikes and cars for short distances, and replace them with other means such as bicycles. When we are more aware of how daily activities can affect the natural environment, we already have a “green” feeling in our hearts, and gradually the “green” consciousness will transform into more practical actions for a more sustainable city.



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