Study natural sciences to understand the laws of life and solve practical challenges.

Ngày đăng 11/04/2023
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– How can we improve the air quality in the area we live in?

– The process of inventing a water supply system from the mountains to people’s homes, including basic technical design, testing, adjustment, and presentation with a 3D model.

That’s how students at Genesis Hanoi Middle School will study natural sciences based on the school’s program design. The highlight of the natural sciences program at Genesis is the emphasis on developing the ability to self-learn and apply natural science knowledge in various areas of life. In the natural science course, the study topics are designed from familiar family issues to global issues, combined with diverse forms of learning such as debates, project work, etc.

The purpose of the program is to help students have a comprehensive, multi-dimensional understanding of basic science issues. Students have the ability to identify problems, seek and develop solutions, and have innovative and creative thinking. The desired outcome is for students to apply their knowledge of science in their personal lives, serve the community, and contribute to social development.

To achieve these goals, the Natural Sciences program is approached in two ways:

  • For sustainable development

Through studying the history of natural science development, exploring the influence of natural science on human history, communities, and ethnic groups, social and political issues, Genesis students will have access to social and ethical issues related to sustainable development through the nature and development of natural science. From there, they will understand more about the two-way impact of natural science on society.

  • As a foundation for innovation and creativity

Natural science plays an important role in solving complex challenges for humanity, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and poverty reduction because science provides the foundation for new approaches and solutions. Genesis students are provided with opportunities and challenges to unleash their creativity on a solid academic foundation.

In addition, Genesis students participate in natural science and international environmental projects, helping them develop collaborative and communication skills. At the same time, Genesis offers an advanced science enrichment program for students who are passionate about natural sciences.

The Natural Science program at Genesis Middle School in Hanoi is built on a combination of the Ministry of Education & Training’s curriculum and advanced natural science programs from modern educational systems, developed on the basis of the Green Education philosophy.

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