Welcoming international guest to Genesis school

Ngày đăng 21/02/2024
Biên tập Biên tập:
This afternoon, the teachers and students of Genesis School had the honor of welcoming exemplary educators and representatives from Academy of Singapore Teachers to the Genesis Nam Tu Liem campus. During this visit to Vietnam, Genesis was one of two schools chosen by the Singapore Delegation Teacher Leaders for an exchange of teaching experiences and the application of technology in education.
In welcoming the delegation, Genees presented unique ensemble performances featuring traditional Vietnamese musical instruments. Speaking about Genesis, a representative from the Singapore delegation stated: “When considering where to visit, your school immediately came to mind. As technology continues to play a crucial role in education, we are eager to learn how Genesis School has integrated technology into the learning process. We are particularly interested in any ed-tech solutions or tools that have been effective.”.
Additionally, lead teachers from Singapore introduced some educational technologies used in Singaporean schools to nurture students, as well as directly observed lessons at classes.. This created an exciting integration between the two educational communities of the two countries during the exchange.
Today’s exchange was an opportunity for both parties to expand their network of international cooperation, aiming for sustainable development and sharing experiences in applying technology in education for the future.