The first 100 parents and students visited Hà Nội Genesis Primary and Secondary school

Ngày đăng 27/03/2023
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Hà Nội Genesis Primary and Secondary school welcomed the first parents and students to visit the campus before officially opening in April 2023. During the visit that took place last Sunday, more than 100 parents and students were introduced to a Green school with special designs.


“Although construction is still being finalized, as soon as I stepped into the school area, I felt inspired. The overall design of Genesis school is quite rational and especially there are a lot of trees and diverse learning spaces”, a happy parent shared during the tour.

A school with an area of ​​nearly 12,600m2, of which 60% of the area is for trees and open space. The system of modern classrooms, particular-function rooms, living areas, … are diverse, meeting all the learning – training – playing needs of students. At the end of the visit, students and parents participated in planting trees, demonstrating the spirit of joining hands to preserve the school and the environment according to the Green educational philosophy of the Genesis System.

The visit was brief, but parents and students were excited and impressed with the enthusiastic and dedicated attitude of Genesis teachers and staff. Mr. Phan Anh – Director of Genesis Education System and Ms. Cindy – Vice Principal of Hà Nội Genesis Primary and Secondary school, Director of International Programs and Ms. Dieu Cam – Principal of Primary School directly led the tour. The students and their parents talked directly with the Board of Directors about all aspects of the School from facilities, teachers, curricula, etc.


In April 2023, Hà Nội Genesis Primary and Secondary school will finalize construction, to officially welcome parents and students to visit. This will be a quality education option for parents and students interested in sustainable education and Green living philosophy. Interested parents, please register to receive information here:

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