“The Genesis Tay Ho Foundation is one of the top 5 Green-Smart construction projects in Vietnam for 2022.”

Ngày đăng 11/04/2023
Biên tập Biên tập:
Genesis Tay Ho Foundation is thrilled to announce that it has been honored as one of the Top 5 Green-Smart construction projects in Vietnam for 2022. This recognition was awarded by the Real Estate Vietnam Magazine (Reatimes) and the Vietnam Real Estate Research Institute (VIRES) during the Leading Real Estate Brands ceremony held this morning (March 10, 2023) at the National Convention Center. Genesis Tay Ho is also the only school to receive this prestigious award.
The Genesis Tay Ho project is considered an exemplary Green project as it is the first Vietnamese school project to achieve a gold-level LOTUS green certification awarded by the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC). The school is situated in an optimized green space for children (accounting for more than 60% of the construction area), ensuring 100% open views and natural light. The school has a solar panel system with a capacity of 84kw and a smart water treatment system where 100% of wastewater from the restrooms is collected and used for automatic watering of plants across the school grounds through a sensor-controlled watering system that conserves water.
The construction materials and equipment used were also environmentally friendly and safety-focused. For example, the roof system used UBOOT soundproof and heat-insulating materials, which were also planted with grass. The use of solar panels in vacant areas helps to reduce air conditioning load and save energy. The school uses 100% non-fired bricks to reduce CO2 emissions that cause greenhouse effects. The air quality in the school grounds is always safe and healthy for students, monitored closely through the Pam Air and Awair Omni apps.
The Top 5 Green-Smart construction project award is based on the conclusions of the jury members (including journalists who follow the fields of economy, construction, and real estate; and top economic, legal, planning, architecture, construction, and real estate experts in Vietnam) and the number of votes from more than 1 million readers of Reatimes magazine.
In the academic year 2023-2024, Genesis School in Nam Tu Liem officially opens its doors. This school was built according to the LOTUS green standards of the Vietnam Green Building Council and maximizes the advantages of the Tây Hồ campus. The design of the building was also ranked first in the category “Low Carbon Building and Sustainable City” in Vietnam in 2021, as announced by the French ecological transformation agency. By applying intelligent architectural solutions to minimize CO2 emissions and save electricity and water (reducing 60% of electricity per year and 40% of water per year), Genesis School in Nam Tu Liem aims to become a “low carbon” green school with a healthy climate that ensures students’ health.
The modern infrastructure system includes the School Garden, Green Makerspace, Library, Sports Complex, Four-Season Swimming Pool, etc. These facilities provide maximum opportunities for students to practice, experiment, and research. By optimizing green space and outdoor areas and equipping classrooms with abundant natural light and functional rooms that meet all educational and practical needs, Genesis School is one of the most beautiful, safe, and functional schools in Vietnam.
“At Genesis School, health is one of the three main pillars that make up the Genesis green school philosophy. Accordingly, students will be cared for physically and mentally through nutrition, physical education programs, educational and recreational activities, as well as through the construction of a green space,” said Mr. Phan Anh, Director of Genesis Education System, at the Real Estate Brand Awards Ceremony for the leading brands in 2022-2023.

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