[Project Week] Genesis Sport day: Genee’s sporting spirit

Ngày đăng 27/12/2023
Biên tập Biên tập:
Alongside the educational activities during Project Week, Genesis Sports Day is where Genee cultivates physical fitness, team spirit, and noble sportsmanship.
As the medals were bestowed upon deserving young athletes, Genee experienced a vibrant, enthusiastic, and emotionally charged sports day. The smiles of joy, the beads of sweat, and even the tears created indelible impressions. United in their efforts, Genee committed to conditioning their bodies to triumph in diverse team and individual sports, ranging from chess and wrestling to badminton and beyond.
The outcomes of today’s event matter less than the collective effort we put into crafting a thrilling, meaningful, and fantastic sports day. Let’s now enjoy the striking visuals captured during Genesis Sports Day!