[Grade 5] Showcase – Study report on the topic of Social Enterprise

Ngày đăng 07/04/2023
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Throughout the project, the 5A1 students learned about social enterprises, and VỤN Art is an enterprise that has accompanied Genesis to bring meaningful learning weeks on this topic. The children had the opportunity to directly meet workers with disabilities and ask many questions with the founder of this business. The children’s questions surprised the staff by showing how mature they are, and the teachers themselves were surprised by how invested the children were when participating in this experiential activity – it was almost as if they stopped being childish all together ^_^…

What type of disability do most employees of VỤN Art find themselves with?

How many products does VỤN Art sell a day?

– What is VỤN’s favorite item?

In VỤN, how much are workers with disability paid? ^_^

– v…v…

Hải Phong and Dũng Trí suddenly became two professional MCs in the showcase that afternoon. ^_^ The two boys did not need much time to practice before confidently hosting the showcase. The two seemed to have found a new joy in the pride of bringing a solemn atmosphere to the ceremony.

The two MCs led all the attendees through the ceremony: General introduction about social enterprises; Introduction to VAN Art in particular; Q&A section; and Fabric mask making experience.

The children listened attentively and participated in sharing about the difference between ordinary businesses and social enterprises. They know that each social enterprise has its own mission. This is also the first time the children have had a chance to talk directly with workers with disabilities and hear them share their joy in working and contributing to social and human development.
Quoc Dat watched as a worker demonstrated how to decorate a mask with scrap silk from Vạn Phúc – Hà Đông.

The Green Education Program representative gave a small gift to Vụn Art to express gratitude for their role in accompanying and bringing meaningful learning experiences to students.

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