[Project Week] Genesis Bazaar: Christmas warm spreads at Genesis Bazaar

Ngày đăng 08/01/2024
Biên tập Biên tập:
The recent weather in Hanoi couldn’t dim the warm Christmas atmosphere at Genesis Schools. Genee, along with parents and teachers, experienced a busy day at the Genesis Bazaar.
Intending to foster a meaningful Christmas, Genesis organized the bazaar for exchanging goods, promoting the reuse of products, and actively contributing to environmental conservation. The earnings from the Genesis Bazaar will be dedicated to a charitable cause.
Booths brimming with used items like books, stuffed animals, toys, and clothes were arranged by Genee, eagerly anticipating the arrival of visitors. Simultaneously, the recycling booths, greenery, and organic foods proved to be the most selling products at the Genesis Bazaar.
Everyone donned the classic red and green attire of Christmas. Adding to the festive atmosphere, the surprise appearance of “Santa Claus” with a bag of gifts over his shoulder sparked excitement and curiosity among Genee. To enhance the lively ambiance of the Genesis Bazaar, Genee artists confidently contributed an emotionally charged musical performance for all to enjoy.
With the return of another Christmas season, Genesis Bazaar has contributed to the widespread dissemination of “empathy”, collaboration”, and “creativity” throughout this year’s holiday festivities.