Green Project: Protecting our green earth through small actions

Ngày đăng 05/04/2024
Biên tập Biên tập:
Genesis schools focus on educating students to become nature-loving and responsible global citizens, confidently expressing their views even in international environments. By integrating topics related to sustainable development in English, each grade level will be introduced to a goal (SDG) to raise Genee’s awareness of the importance of sustainable development in a specific areas.
>> Genesis invites parents to visit a Green Project period of class 3A2 exploring SDG 13: Climate Action.
Genees collectively discussed and presented entirely in English on “Climate Change” and “Greenhouse Effect” to better understand how they can contribute to minimizing negative impacts on the environment. From this, Genees realized that every small action can contribute to larger community goals internationally. Moreover, the theme provided opportunities for Genees to learn more about climate change-related terms and environmental issues while sharing their perspectives.
As part of the SDG 13 project, Genees organized an art exhibition around the classroom – showcasing creative products from the project to encourage environmental protection actions.
Green Project s at Genesis not only raise Genee’s awareness of the impact of daily small actions but also provide language skills for Genees to express their views confidently.
The subject contents closely follow the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Moreover, Green Project is taught in English using the Project-based learning method.