[Grade 5] Green City against climate change

Ngày đăng 12/04/2023
Biên tập Biên tập:

In the city, our lungs are strangely sensitive ^__^ They may grumble and sulk, not only because of breathing, because of the high humidity level, but also because of not getting to enjoy the sea breeze, the green forest space, or the light from the high clear blue sky not covered by the towers.

In the Green city, 5A1 has “installed” into the model a whole sea connected to the city center by streets for cyclists. In addition, you can go to the sea by public transport – the sky train. Skytrains or buses can carry many passengers, significantly reducing the number of motorbikes and personal cars in traffic, as well as reducing CO2 emissions into the air. Here, a windmill system has been erected to produce clean, renewable energy.

The greenest space of the model is the park with many old trees, helping to regulate the climate. The city wears a green color of plants, not just the gray color of concrete from buildings and roads 

Emission from vehicles and factories will be reduced because Green City now has an air purification plant. Besides being a very large solar energy production center, this center has the function of providing clean electricity to the people, and spreading the word to the city people about the benefits of installing solar panels for each household.

Below is a picture of us expressing our ideas for the Green city model. 5A1 will record a video presentation on the principles of a sustainable city in the next lesson.


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