Ecopioneer Challenge

Ngày đăng 12/09/2023
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Dear Parents, Students and Teachers,

Genesis is a pioneering school following the philosophy of Green Education with the desire to build a sustainable Green living community originating from the community of students, parents, teachers, and staff of Genesis. To spread the spirit of Green living and realize the ideas of environmental protection, Genesis Education System hereby includes the information for parents about the EcoPioneer Challenge.


The EcoPioneer Challenge was started by Genesis Education System and is based on the school year’s theme to “Inspire.” Through the competition, participants are encouraged to create ideas, innovations, models, and products related to green living. The competition also raises awareness and provides opportunities to put environmental sustainability and care into practice.

  • Participants: Students, Teachers, Parents, Staff of Genesis School and any interested students (from 6 to 12 years old) with creative ideas, inventions, models, products related to the contest content have the right to participate.
  • Contest period: 12/9/2023 – 20/11/2023.


  • Candidates register to participate in the contest HERE individually or in groups of up to 5 members.
  • Contestants have 20 days to finalize their creative product or model after the registration deadline has passed. Ideas will be chosen to participate in the final round of judging based on the outcomes of the Board of Judges’ evaluations.
  • Finalists will present their initiatives, models, and solutions to the judging panel.

✤ Deadlines:

  • Start launching: 12/09/2023.
  • Deadline to register: 25/09/2023.
  • Deadline for product/model submission: 15/10/2023.
  • Final round: 11/11/2023.
  • Award time: 20/11/2023.

✤ Please note that:

  • Candidates must provide accurate personal information when registering. The information must be completed as instructed, failing this, the entry will be considered invalid.
  • Product must be completed by the contestants; Do not copy, modify, or submit other people’s works as your own; Do not present any content that may cause conflict or controversy.
  • Candidates must commit that their product does not violate the copyright or any intellectual property rights of others. And the product has not previously won a prize or participated in any competition.
  • Candidates agree to allow Genesis School to announce and promote the contest and related content for communication purposes.


– The  judges will evaluate the contest ideas by scoring each criterion, with a total score of 100 points, including:

  • Effective waste treatment (20 points);
  • Creativity (20 points);
  • Technical efficiency (15 points);
  • Economic efficiency (15 points);
  • Practical application scale and sustainability (20 points);
  • Potential for model replication (10 points);


  • Each one of the top 3 winning initiatives will get a prize worth 5 million dong (VND).
  • Each one of the top 3 promising initiatives will get a prize worth 2 million dong (VND).
  • Each one of the top 3 initiatives that get the most votes will get a prize worth 1 million dong (VND).

Please contact the hotline 1900998811/ 0948007080 for further information.


Genesis Education System.