Genesis school – The first Green School to receive the Golden Standard Lotus certification in Vietnam

Ngày đăng 30/03/2023
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LOTUS is the first green-building criteria system developed specifically for the construction market in Vietnam. This system is developed by the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC).

LOTUS offers 7 criteria groups, covering the stages from project preparation, design, construction and operation. The project will be scored when it meets the requirements at the given LOTUS criteria. Criteria groups in LOTUS include:

Energy; Water; Materials & Resources; Health & Comfort; Location & Environment; Superior Performance and Management.

Genesis School Tây Hồ campus is the first Vietnamese school project to achieve the LOTUS green certificate, assessed and approved by the Vietnam Green Building Association (VGBC).

At Genesis School, health is one of the three main pillars that make up the school’s Green Education philosophy. Accordingly, students will be cared for physically and mentally through nutrition, physical education programs, learning and playing activities as well as from building a green space.

The overall architecture of Genesis School is designed to emulate the shape of a pebble placed in the middle of an optimal green space for children (green space accounting for more than 60% of the school area), ensuring 100% open vision filled with natural light. Construction materials and equipment were selected and utilized following safety and environmental criteria, saving 46.7% of water, 51% of energy used, and reducing the total heat transfer index of the industrial shell for 56%…

Genesis Primary and Secondary School in Hanoi applies smart architectural solutions to reduce CO2 emissions (only 1,374 tons of CO2/year) and save electricity and water (reduce 60% electricity/year and 40% water/year).

With the optimization of trees and outdoor space, classrooms are with access to natural light, low density, and a particular-function room system to meet all learning and practice needs; Genesis School has always been a school with beautiful  architecture, safety, and high efficiency in Vietnam as well as a dear home for students.

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