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Ngày đăng 25/11/2022
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According to Genesis, a fulfilling learning environment is one where students always feel loved, motivated, safe and able to discover knowledge, practice skills, express themselves, and connect with a community. All these goals are encapsulated in 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations – the foundation of the Green educational philosophy that the University is pursuing.

Genesis School creates an educational environment that nurtures generations of students to live happily

At Genesis, the integration of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals will not only stop at the curriculum but will be realized in the entire school’s activities. From the construction of the facilities (saving energy, making use of clean energy with solar energy system, maximizing green space with 10,400 individual plants, low density of students…) to the respect for individuals in overall harmony with the surrounding environment (respect for individual identity, respect for nature, organize community activities to protect the environment, …) and set 17 sustainable development goals firmly as a core theme of many subjects and interdisciplinary teaching activities at Genesis. Learning and developing in such a harmonious environment, students themselves will likely internalize the necessary qualities and skills for a future life.

Genesis School builds a comprehensive, globally oriented educational program that is closely aligned with the goals of sustainable development

In order to ensure high-quality outcomes for students to confidently study at the next level of study, Genesis School builds an international quality training program, equipping them with the knowledge, languages and skills of global citizens. , such as ESL English with 100% native teachers, Cambridge grade school program, English learning through Spark Physical Education… In addition, the standard curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training is also combined with teaching, to ensure flexibility, in accordance with the future educational plans of students and parents.

The 17 sustainable development goals are selected, combined to cleverly put into units at all grade levels. By integrating sustainable development goals into the curriculum, children will be equipped with awareness of the environment, their impact in the world, and thereby gradually understand the role, responsibility for themselves, their families and the environment.

Genesis School applies experiential and creative teaching methods, builds skills and mindsets to master one’s life and happiness.

At Genesis, experiential learning and creativity are very important. On the one hand, teachers themselves focus on building diverse and engaging experiential and hands-on teaching activities while encouraging students to ask questions and promote creativity in experiments and personal projects. On the other hand, the school also invests in building classrooms and spaces to help teachers and students optimize practical activities such as Maker Space room, school garden, .. as well as the necessary tools so teachers and students can have the best lessons whether they study offline or online. During the online learning period, the teachers personally prepared and sent hands-on items to each student for them to practice on projects to ensure the quality of education can be as similar to in-class learning as possible. Genesis’ educational goal is always focused on cultivating children’s qualities and skills from everyday activities to facilitate development of sustainable values in each student.

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