Explore the fascinations at Genesis on Earth Day 2024

Ngày đăng 22/04/2024
Biên tập Biên tập:
Earth Day is celebrated as a community movement to raise awareness about the values of the environment on our planet. It’s a time for people to rally behind environmental protection movements, thwarting the global climate change disasters declared by the United Nations annually on April 22.

At Genesis, Genees are well acquainted with the presence of informative boards promoting energy-efficient usage, waste segregation bins, environmental-themed models and symbols, as well as the involvement of composters and organic waste bins in the journey towards building a sustainable Green lifestyle.
Moreover, Genesis frequently organizes educational activities and experiential learning intertwined within the curriculum, such as painting, sculpting environmental themes, enhancing knowledge and writing skills through letters to Earth, or practicing mindfulness in reduced-device classrooms and utilizing natural light.
Let’s come and immerse yourselves in the Green spaces of Genesis and join in the exciting activities of Genees at school on Earth Day 2024!