[Grade 2] Learning about animal habitats

Ngày đăng 11/04/2023
Biên tập Biên tập:
To start the Life on Land project under Sustainable Development Goal No. 15, Ms. Thu and us 2nd graders learn about animal habitats. Adorable questions are asked, and combined with physical activity, we enjoy answering questions by running, jumping, or doing actions corresponding to the answers they choose:
– Which animal may live in a cave?
– Which animal lives in the forest?
– Which animal lives in the grassland?
– Which animal lives on big trees in the forest?
– . . .



We were reminded by her of the four essential criteria for an animal’s habitat: Food, Air, Water, and Shelter. And below is the picture we completed in the lesson, 4 types of habitats are vividly colored and drawn with lovely animals. Today’s relaxing lesson let us rest between other regular classes.


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