Why Genesis School ?

Ngày đăng 23/03/2023
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Personalized, humanistic and community-oriented curriculum

The approach of integrating 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into many subjects, and practical activities throughout the school year help Genesis students practice a green lifestyle, form core values and ethics, morality, intelligence, energy, responsibility to self, family and community. In addition, Genesis students are encouraged to develop an individual learning path, arranged to strengthen their strengths with the support of passionate mentors. From there, Genesis students will have a solid academic foundation, the ability to think and live a Green lifestyle, to be ready for the next level of learning challenge.

The pioneer school of Green Education in Vietnam

A place to educate generations to live Green, actively explore and learn about the World: Respecting the Green Planet, taking creative actions to practice the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Genesis School cooperates with prestigious educational institutions in the world on Green education.

A model school with modern learning methods: Experiential learning; Creative learning; Up-to-date life topic-based learning.

An ideal class and school size for personalization. Quality service ecosystem, ensuring safety and health for students

Intensive vocational training program according to methodical route for Students with priority in each stage

Primary School Lower Secondary School Upper Secondary School

Be aware of career

Learn about jobs and careers

Explore career path

Explore, research and plan for the future

Get prepared for career

Intensive career orientation; hands-on career experience through MicroDegree program; Internship program; and Academic Consultation Program

Sustainable Green Community, including students, teachers & school staff, students’ parents and partners, together build and spread the Green lifestyle, create an environment that nurtures and fosters the personality of each individual, to contribute to training future generations to respect and protect the environment for sustainable development

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